While slab repair is an option if your slab is beginning to stress and crack, there is a more dangerous problem that we have a solution for: a sinking slab. If your slab is, literally, sinking in to the ground, you need to have it raised up immediately. A sinking slab can lead to serious structural issues, including warped floors and walls that are falling down. In the past, this results in the need for a brand new slab, but not anymore. Slabjacking is a process that we can use to lift up your slab, so that it becomes level once again.

Reasons for a Sinking Slab

Sinking slabs are a serious issue. Because slabs are the entire foundation which a home is built upon, if the slab behind to sink, the structure lay integrity of a home is greatly compromised. Slab sinking is, most commonly, the result of a slab being laid on top of poor soil and dirt. Before a slab is laid, the earth should be checked to make sure it is compact enough to hold a foundation and, even if it is originally, environmental factors can cause soil to fail, leading to a sinking slab.

How Slabjacking Works

Slabjacking works, in the most simple form, by pumping a leveling solution underneath your concrete slab, bringing it back up to a level base. Although this process sounds easy enough, it can be a lot of work and a very precise process needed. How we do this is that we drill strategically placed holes around your slab and then, using a pump and hose, we fill these holes with a special solution. The goal of this is to get the solution through the hole and underneath your slab so that the solution strengthens the ground upon which the slab is laid.

Benefits of Slabjacking Process

The process of slabjacking has several benefits over other options. Slabjacking can be done in any weather condition, so it can be done any time of the year, rain or shine. The material/solution used for slabjacking provides a solid base, regardless of soil wetness. Because this process is done through your slab, itself, it doesn’t disturb any landscaping, vegetation or cause any unwanted environmental issues around your home. Because of how slabjacking is done, nothing needs to be removed from your slab. The solution we use is strong enough to hold up your slab and anything else on top of it.

Slabjacking Advantages

Slabjacking has several advantages over other types of processes. The solution used in slabjacking provides a solid base, strengthening your slab. The whole process is relatively cost effective, especially compared to a total slab replacement. Because major construction isn’t needed to be done, land no epoxy needs to set, clients can use their slabs immediately after the process is completed. There are also no common construction annoyances such as loud concrete grinding or breaking. Another plus is that there is no waste because everything being used stays under the slab.

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