House Leveling

House leveling is exactly as it sounds: bringing a house to back to as close to level as possible. This can be done through a number of different means, such as: jacking, piling or filling. The reason that this needs to happen is because foundations, over time, can start to sink or crack. When foundations begin to weaken, through any number of ways, it can lead to an entire home sinking on one end or at serval points throughout. This is dangerous and unsafe and can lead to the need for rebuilding if not taken care of.

Causes of Unleveled Homes

Usually a house becoming unleveled is the result of some kind of soil issue. One soil issue can be that the houses foundation was placed on soil that shouldn’t have been built on to begin with. The other issue is that soil, over time, changes; either a s a result of natural earth movement or water and roots permeating it. When this happens, soil become weak and no longer provides the adequate base that a foundation needs for proper weight distribution. Luckily, these issues can be fixed.

Slab Leveling

Slab leveling has a number of solutions that can rectify its problems. The newest and best way to level a slab is called slabjacking. In this process, a solution is pumped, through drilled holes, underneath the foundation of a home. This solution is solid and gives great weight distribution, allowing the slab to be lifted and leveled out. Other options include excavating, either outside or inside the home, and installing piers or pilings that help to distribute weight away from failing parts of your foundation. Either option is a good one and, which you choose, will depend on a number of factors that we can go over with you.

Crawl Space Leveling

Crawl space foundation leveling also has a number of solutions that can be used effectively. Because there is no slab in this foundation, slabjacking is not an option. But laying down a chemical solution, which hardens on top of soil, allowing for proper weight distribution is an option. In addition to this, we can install piling underneath existing pier and beam foundations and we can use a combination of rods and braces to help stabilize. Pier and beam foundations are typically easier to remedy than slab foundations, because of their ease of access.


We do our best to make all of our house leveling options extremely affordable. We keep an eye on industry rates, so that we can adjust ours accordingly and we don’t charge excess fees. We provide accurate estimates and do our best (extraneous situations excluded) to stay on budget. We also think that, comparatively to the cost of entire foundation replacement, our services are amazing. Temporarily lifting a house, and then going in and having to install an entirely new foundation is extremely costly and takes a lot of time to do. With our repair solutions, we can fix your foundation efficiently and effectively.


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