Concrete Pilings


When foundations begin to sink or fail, repairs are needed. Typically, repairing a foundation offers a more cost effective solution than completely replacing a foundation. One of these repair solutions is to add concrete pilings. To put it simply, concrete pilings are concrete columns that are pushed in to the ground, underneath your existing foundation, in an attempt to strengthen and level out that foundation. While these types of pilings are most commonly used by residential homeowners for outdoor patios and deck construction, they are a viable option for foundation repair as well.

How Are Concrete Pilings Installed

Installing concrete pilings is a complicated process that requires professionals to do. While it is a great option to strengthen foundations, it is hard to do. Concrete pilings are installed by first, digging a hole next to certain points in your foundation. Then, a concrete piling is place in the hole and compacted in to place by a machine. Once that piling is in place, a second piling is added on top, attached to the first with steel bars and cement. This process is repeated as many times as necessary to strengthen the foundation.

Advantages of Concrete Pilings

There are several advantages to using concrete pilings as a form of foundation repair. One of these advantages is that the process is relatively quick and efficient. Another advantage is that concrete pilings don’t need to set for any amount of time; once installed, the home can be used right away. A further advantage is that concrete piling installation is lower cost than several options, because concrete is cheap to produce. And the last advantage is that concrete pilings have been used as foundation repair options for years and have a great track record of working.

Tunneling Vs. In Home Installation

There are two options for concrete piling installation. One of the options is tunneling. In tunneling, a tunnel is used to drill and install the concrete pilings under the house. In this option, the mess is kept to a minimum, but the trade off is that the installation can take a bit longer and can cost more money. The other option is to install concrete pilings through the floor of your home. With this opinion, there is dirt and debris present in the air and it will take some time to clean up after. The trade off is quicker installation and less money.

Why Choose Us

We stand by all of our foundation repair options and concrete pilings are no exception. As one of the most common repair options, and one that we’ve been doing for quite a while, we feel completely confident that we can install concrete piling under your foundation that will take care of all of your foundation issues. We work quickly and efficiently so that we don’t take a big hit on your schedule or bank account. We have the expertise and experience to make sure that the job is done correctly, every time.

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