Commercial Foundation Repair


Commercial foundation issues can be incredibly bad problems, because in commercial buildings, more stressed is being placed on foundation systems, usually with more people constantly inside these types of buildings. If the foundation of a commercial structure begins to fail, it can be dangerous and deadly. Because of this, we offer several commercial foundation repair solutions. We are experienced in this area and want to make sure that, no matter what type of building you need assistance with, we are there for you, with whatever solution you need to be as safe as possible.

Causes of Commercial Foundation Failure

Commercial foundation issues are caused by many of the same problems that residential issues are caused by, but because of the weight and size of commercial structures, these issues are exacerbated. Most issues are soil related; occurring because of soil expanding from moisture or settling because the earth moves. Along with this, issues can result from poor drainage, improperly installed cutter systems, pipe leaks, incorrect construction, improper weight of building on foundation and from tree or plant roots growing in to and through these foundations.

Signs of Commercial Foundation Failure

Like foundation issue causes, the signs of commercial foundation failure are very similar to what you might see in residential foundation failure. The easiest sign to stop it cracking walls and drywall and obviously sloping floors. If things feel off-balance, you can almost guarantee yourself that there is some kind of foundation issue. Because of the size and weight of commercial buildings, ceilings can also begin to crack and walls can start to warp and lean. Like in houses, windows and doors can stick and cracking and chipping can sometimes be seen on the brickwork or siding of the building.

Helical Piers

One of the main ways to fix commercial foundation issues is by installing helical pier systems. Because of the size of commercial buildings, most residential foundation fixes will not work. This leads us to the need for other options. A helical pier is a steel shaft with round plates that is pushed in to ground much like a screw. The top of these piers are attached to foundation and wall, allowing for foundation stabilization. These are typically used in small commercial buildings, with lighter weights. These piers are corrosion-resistant and are an easier way to help with commercial foundations.

Push Pier Systems

Another option for commercial foundation repair is to use a push pier system. Push piers are steel and a great solution for commercial structures. These piers are driven deep in to soil and can be used either inside our outside of a building; not being able to be seen once the process is complete. Push piers are a great choice for foundation stabilization, but an even better choice for helping to lift a foundation back to level. These piers are also fantastic at stopping settlement from happening, which is a key component to a lot of foundation issues.

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